Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lalbagh visit - Bng Birders group

We started 'birding' in the beginning of the year 2014. Most of our trips have been just the two of us or with another bunch of people as inexperienced as us. On such occasions, we would carry our Grimmet book and head out to identify the birds. But most of the times the birds are quite far away and the camera doesn’t capture them in detail. Other times you only get a glimpse of the bird and that is too short a time for identifying it.

This is where the bngBirds group helped. Being part of a birding session with an experienced birder makes all the difference. You get to know about the birds habitats, calls, food and exactly where they can be found at a place.

We reached Lalbagh around 7:30 in the morning near the bandstand. There was a small group of about 15 people standing and staring at the sky – this was our groupJ. We joined them and soon we spotted ard 30 birds in 2 hours. The last time we visited Lalbagh for the flower show we hardly noted 10 of them. 

Heres the list of birds we noted – also updated on the “Birds” page.
  1. Asian Koel
  2. Common Mynah
  3. White cheeked barbett
  4. Spot billed Pelican
  5. Night heron
  6. Little egret
  7. Intermediate Egret
  8. Large egret
  9. Great Cormorant
  10. Little Cormorant
  11. Purple Swamphen
  12. Purple heron
  13. Grey Heron
  14. Pond Heron
  15. Rose ringed parakeet
  16. Magpie Robin
  17. Common moorhen
  18. Southern Coucal
  19. Greenish warbler
  20. Common Tailorbird
  21. Jungle Mynah
  22. Ashy Drongo
  23. Mottled Wood Owl
  24. Spotted Owl
  25. Great tit

Bng birds is a group of bird loving people in Bangalore. They meet at different places on every Sunday of the month.
1st Sunday – Hebbal
2nd Sunday – Lalbagh
3rd Sunday – Near Bannerghetta
4th Sunday – Sarjapur

If interested you can join this community by sending a request mail to

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