Monday, February 10, 2014

The search for the stainless steel bottle

I have been apprehensive of using plastic lunch boxes and water bottles for everyday use. BPA, carcinogenic – there are too many issues with plastic. I have been on the lookout for a replacement that is easy to use.

These were the alternatives
1.       Stainless thermo steel – available for Milton, pigeion, Cello
2.       Stainless steel – BPA free – available at Green Kart
3.       Aluminium – BPA free

When choosing the bottle, I wanted to avoid plastics completely – but no luck till date. Most of the lids are made out of plastic. Also some aluminum bottles might leech more BPA than plastics. So I decided to purchase a stainless steel with a BPA free lid.

On searching online, you get various brands such as Milton, pigeon, cello but most of them are thermo steel and hence would be heavy to carry. First we wanted to try a simple one and see if was convenient.

I found the one I liked on MyGreenKart. I have ordered the H20 bottle and waiting for it to be delivered.
Here is the link to the site:

They claim to make the planet happier with every purchase. Their product list is fairly comprehensive but not all of them are green. That does make me wonder if all of us really understand what is Green and natural? Some products that I thought should not be there were – Lotus herbals products, SLS & paraben shampoos that are loaded with chemicals - Neither good for you nor the environment.

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