Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bamboo Rustles Butterflies

Large Salmon arab
A mailer on the “bng Birds” group, prompted us to register for the Bamboo rustles camp on Butterflies. I have never experienced camping before and Al was all too excited to get out of the house again. J

Butterflies! Butterflies might be considered normal for many but for someone who is known for panicking & rushing out (with blood chilling screams.. you should check with my brother for this), this is an “experience”. When I first told my parents that I am going to learn about butterflies, their immediate response was “Why don’t you attend a workshop on Cockroaches also, to get used to them”? Sigh.. If only I was that brave. But knowing more about butterflies has definitely helped get over the fear of their presence.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pallikaranai Marsh Bird Sanctuary

The Chennai visit this time was quite a treat – Chennai heat has not yet peaked, migratory birds were still around and my parents were on this mission to pamper us with never-ending south-indian meals and snacksJ.

Alton had made a list of birding places to visit in Chennai. From the time we started birding, every place is looked at from a different perspective. I have passed Pallikaranai almost daily while going to office at Shollinganallur, but had never stopped to look at the flying friends.