Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ranganathittu 2014

Visited RT first time with a keen interest on birds. Our Kumarakom trip had aroused curiosity and interest about birds.

We reached near the sanctuary at about 9 am.  As we took the right turn from the main Mysore road towards the sanctuary we heard some peacock calls. Curious to see them, we alighted from the car and walked towards the filed in the direction of the calls. This is what we saw!

Bunch of peacocks flying from mango to coconut trees. This was the first time I have seen peacocks flying so high and on top of coconut trees.

There was a Ficus tree nearby. Ficus attracts lots of birds due to its fruits - not all of them edible for humans but many of them suitable for birds. Edible with respect to who is important.
We spotted some Small minivets in their beautiful orange. We have noticed that most of the birds are in their pairs - if you spot a guy and girl is not far off:). But females in the bird family are less colorful than their male counterparts.

We proceeded to the sanctuary and took the common boat ride for Rs.50 per person. We wanted to see if any new species could be spotted and sat with our book surrounded by two other families with kids.
The ride lasted only 15 mins but we did see some new species(from our view point :-)). The ride made us want to spend some more time on the boat and we shared a private ride with another couple for 1000 bucks an hour - quite expensive compared to the Kumarakom rates.

The most impressive was the Mud/Barn swallow which had built its nest on creeks on the rocks very close to the river. Their homes were architectural marvels and looked neat. They kept flying in a bunch and coming back to the nest together.  

All bird species recorded in the 'Birds' page.

Barn Swallow at home


Night heron

Painted Stork

Pelican, Open Billed storks 

Pied Kingfisher

Small Minivet

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